Annual Report

Healthy Marathon County Annual Report to the Community – To read more about the collective impact Healthy Marathon County is making to have Marathon County be the healthiest county click on 2018 Annual Report to the Community

Collective Impact

The collective impact is a framework to creating change in their communities.   The framework assists communities to create a shared vision for change and align their activities around a common agenda to address complex, large-scale social issues such as alcohol and other drug misuse, affordable housing and transportation.   To read more click on the Channeling Change Making Collective Impact article from Standard Social Innovation Review website or take tour on the Collective Impact Forum website. 

Social Ecological Model

The social-ecological model informs communities that health is influenced at multiple levels and not in isolation of an individual and their family.   The model assists organizations to map out interventions at an individual/family, community, systems, and public policy level in order to be effective in creating the desired change in our communities.  To read more about how the social-ecological model can be applied to a community health issue click on CDC violence prevention

Marathon County Pulse

Marathon County Pulse is a platform that aids in making informed decisions around the quality of life in Marathon County by making relevant data easy to display, search, compare, and see change over time.  The platform houses county data from national and state public databases as well as local data.  Data from the platform is used the LIFE Report Steering Committee to evaluate strengths and weaknesses and identify priority issues.   To learn more click on Marathon County Pulse.

County Health Rankings

The annual Rankings provide a snapshot of how the health of our communities is influenced by where we live, learn, work and play.  Data from the Rankings is used for the LIFE Report and helps to focus where action is needed to create healthy communities.   In 2019, Marathon County ranked 19 out of 72 counties. The Rankings provides a database called What Works for Health that features programs and policies shown to work in improving the health of communities.   To read more click on County Health Rankings.

LIFE Report

The LIFE report provides a wide spectrum of information and data depicting the quality of life in Wausau and Marathon County.  Its purpose is to provide a reference for the community to evaluate strengths and weaknesses and identify priority issues.

The report, which is published every two years, serves as a tracking vehicle to show how the community has changed over time. The LIFE Steering Committee hopes this report will not only serve as a reference but also as a starting point for community action on the key Calls to Action.  To read more click on LIFE Report.