Alcohol & Other Drug Misuse & Abuse

Vision: Creating a culture in communities where alcohol is used responsibly and other drugs (tobacco, prescription, and illicit) are not misused.

Jenna Flynn

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Behavioral Health

Vision: Promote well-being by preventing or intervening in mental illness such as depression or anxiety, along with preventing or intervening in substance abuse or other addictions.

Hannah Schommer

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Adverse Childhood Experiences

Vision: Preventing or reducing the impact of potentially traumatic events that can have negative, lasting effects on health and well-being. These experiences range from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse to parental divorce or the incarceration of a parent.

Healthy Weight

Vision: A weight that lowers your risk for health problems. Achievement of a healthy weight includes healthy food choices and physical activity.

Public Policy

Healthy Marathon County informs policy makers, organizations, and the general public on public policy issues to improve the health of Marathon County residents and communities.

Aaron Ruff

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Health Needs of Aging

Vision: Developing and maintaining optimal mental, social, and physical well-being and function in older adulthood. This includes addressing basic needs, optimizing health and well-being, promoting social/civic engagement, and supporting independence.

Oral Health

Vision: Promote healthy teeth and the entire mouth such as gums, chewing muscles, palate, and tongue with the goal of being free of tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, and chronic oral pain.

Amanda Ostrowski

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