Western Marathon County Healthy Communities


Healthy Kids, Healthy Families, Healthy Communities


Individual communities working together to create a healthy Western Marathon County.

Guiding Principles:

  • Collaboration—Diverse partners working together to achieve a common goal.
  • Innovation—Stimulating new ideas and practices
  • Evidence-based—Integrating best practice and research for prevention
  • Building Skills—Enhance and mobilize community members
  • Community Change/Transformation—Leadership to create change with sustainable positive results

Western Marathon County Healthy Communities is comprised of a diverse group of key stakeholders from each of the seven municipalities in Western Marathon County—Abbotsford, Athens, Colby, Edgar, Marathon, Stratford, and Spencer. This coalition has enabled the communities involved to share a “collective voice”, uniting their efforts, so that they can work together to create a healthy Western Marathon County. The coalition has focused its efforts on substance abuse, mental health,  and bullying prevention in Western  Marathon County through collaboration, innovation, and community change using evidence-based prevention strategies. The newly formed coalition structure has allowed each of the seven unique communities to  collaborate, share resources, build skills, and seek funding for substance abuse prevention efforts.

Contact Information

Aaron Ruff
Email: aaron.ruff@co.marathon.wi.us
Phone: 715-261-1956